4 October 2022, Tuesday, 4:24
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'I Know How To Use AK-47, I've Already Decided Which Way To Point It'

'I Know How To Use AK-47, I've Already Decided Which Way To Point It'

Belarusians have spoken about what they will do if Lukashenka declares mobilization.

Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin has announced a partial mobilization in Russia. Many Russians have already received summonses. Russian citizens are actively leaving the country for destinations that do not require visas - Turkey, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and even Mongolia.

The Charter97.org website asked the readers of our Telegram-channel what they would do if Lukashenka announced mobilization following Putin.

"In case of mobilisation in the RB, all the initiators and enablers would be told where to get off, the Belarusians would definitely not die for Lukahsenka!"

"I'd love to get a weapon to overthrow the moron."

"If they give me a gun, I'll use it against cops, prosecutors, judges".

"We'd get guns and join the Kalinouski regiment."

"Good afternoon. If I receive summons, I'll go with my family to the village."

"All the people would stand up."

"To the square!"

"We'd have to hide and create a guerrilla unit!"

"I know how to use an AK, which way to point it, I've already decided. I don't have an AK yet, but if I get one from the military commissary, I'll take it. I hope I won't be alone."

"If mobilisation were announced in Belarus, it would be a chance to get weapons in hands, and then we would sort out for ourselves who to shoot, but definitely not Ukrainians".

"Would tell Lukashenka along with the mobilisation to follow the Russian ship."

"Self-defence with loyal comrades to keep unverified 'people' out of our ranks."

"I am a reserve officer. Dismissed from the service for signing for an alternative presidential candidate. Who do you think I'll be fighting against if I'm drafted?"

"The main thing is to get ammunition and have time to use it against all the freaks in uniform."

"I would follow the command, get weapons, undergo training and side with Ukraine at the right moment. And if it's impossible, I'd shoot the local KGB staffer, and then as God wills".

"My sons will never go to fight against their Ukrainian brothers, they will never go to fight for the illegitimate power".

"Until war comes knocking at our doors, it's very difficult to answer what the reaction will be."

"If Lukashenka declares mobilization - hide as long as you can, and if they find you - leave your commander with a bullet in his head in the bushes at the first opportunity and run away, although he certainly will not go for it, giving weapons to the population, knowing how much they love him, he's not completely crazy," said the readers of the Charter-97% Telegram channel.