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Military Equipment Put Up For Auction In Belarus

Military Equipment Put Up For Auction In  Belarus

Anyone can buy even a helicopter.

Some interesting and useful equipment can sometimes be found at the auctions where military units and other formations put up their property.

In Belarus, various military equipment has again been put up for auction, anyone can buy it, according to the website of the Belspetskontrakt enterprise.

Lots of the next auction, which will take place on October 13, are represented by special vehicles GAZ-66-05, GAZ-66-15 and ZiL-131N, as well as the Ural-4320 truck. Equipment can be inspected in advance in the military units located in Asipovichy and Biaroza.

For a GAZ made in 1984 with a mileage of only 1807 km, they demand 5,200 Belarusian rubles, for a newer one made in 1989 with a mileage of 3,381 km — 5,300 rubles. The military unit is ready to part with the ZIL for 7,700 rubles, and the Urals, whose odometer shows 101,124 kilometers, costs 14,000 rubles.

Also on October 13, a repeat auction is scheduled with the sale of four ZIL-131 special vehicles for 7,700 rubles, all military trucks are in Asipovichy.

In addition, four MT-LBU tracked all-terrain vehicles manufactured in 1983, 1986, 1988 and 1989 are put up for auction on October 27. All armored personnel carriers are demilitarized, that is, the purpose of the equipment has been transferred from military to civilian.

The all-terrain vehicle with the highest mileage of 9,220 km is sold for 80,000 Belarusian rubles ($32,000), the rest — for 84,000 rubles each. The military unit in Minsk, engaged in the maintenance of vehicles, put up a caterpillar chassis for auction.

Also at the auction they plan to sell the Ural-375 for 9 thousand rubles, the PSG-160 fuel pumping station for 13 thousand rubles and three GAZ-66-14 cars for 4 thousand rubles each.

Individuals, private businessmen, and legal entities who have paid the deposit three days before the start of the auction can participate in the auction.

Helicopters have not been sold yet

On the Belspetskontrakt website, there is still an offer to sell the Mi-26 helicopter, the ad was posted at the beginning of 2022. Important to note, these helicopters have a flying time of 1,437 hours, the year of issue is 1991, and the degree of wear is 79%. The rotorcraft is in the possession of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of Belarus, and is currently based at the airfield in Machulishchy. Its cost is 7 million 162 thousand 726 Belarusian rubles.

Also, since 2016, three Mi-2 helicopters have not been able to find a new owner. They are located at the base of the Vitsebsk flying club in the village of Piashchanka. The year of production of helicopters is 1983. The performance of the mis is questionable. One of the helicopters is sold for 54,880 rubles, the second — for 53,350 rubles, and the third — for 53,330 rubles.