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Boryslav Bereza: Russian Women Began To Do What Putin Is Afraid Of

Boryslav Bereza: Russian Women Began To Do What Putin Is Afraid Of

This “torpedo” could destroy an important Kremlin’s ideas.

Mothers of mobilized Russians began to go public.

“To the People of Russia” appeal was published on a Telegram channel with 18,000 subscribers. They blame Putin and Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and demand the demobilization of their relatives. Why do such initiatives appear only at the end of the second year of the war?

Charter97.org asked this question to Ukrainian politician and former member of the Verkhovna Rada Boryslav Bereza:

– I can try to attribute this to the low mental abilities of Russians, but I will explain it differently. There is like surface tension, when drop by drop water begins to flow down the walls of the cup. Here is the same. When the number of losses was about 100,000, they managed to hide it, 200,000 – too. But now they’ve lost 300,000 fathers, brothers, husbands, friends – such figures cannot be ignored.

Now Russian mothers and wives, who were previously shouting in ecstasy: “Beat Banderites, defend Russia!”, realized that there were no Banderites, there was no need to defend Russia in Ukraine, but they could lose their fathers, brothers, husbands and friends. Therefore, they rolled back to the classical model, when they needed to protect their loved ones.

I would like to remind you that it’s the same as stopping the war in Afghanistan. It was then that mothers, who began to raise the question of what their children were fighting for, became the first torpedo that violated the integrity of the Soviet government, which justified the war in Afghanistan by “helping the fraternal people.”

Now the same torpedo could destroy the integrity of Russia’s idea that they are “defending Russia in Ukraine.” They are not protecting anyone, this is an ordinary war of conquest, an ordinary attempt to occupy someone else’s territory, which is the same as what Hitler did starting World War II. Russians came to an understanding that they are not protecting anyone in Ukraine, but are only losing their loved ones, which has become the main motive for these numerous statements.

This is not the only statement on Telegram. Russian women go to squares and speak publicly. But this is exactly what Putin is afraid of. He doesn't care if someone doesn't just support the war, he's afraid of speaking out publicly. Even detentions and threats will not stop people whose loved ones are being killed every second by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this useless war.

– It is noteworthy that in their protest they use the Latin letters Z and V, which have become symbols of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. What does it mean?

– I don’t care about the choice of the Russians. Moreover, their choice is understandable. They are trying to show that they are not against war, but they do not want their loved ones to fight. That's right, Russians want to follow the war while sitting on the couch with a bottle of beer in their hands. They don’t want to fight even for money. Money is a good motivator for dense, uneducated, impoverished Russians. But seeing what is happening to their friends, relatives, brothers, seeing that disabled people return from the war and no one cares about them in Russia. They start to think about their future. After all, six months of earnings may be the last in their life, and then nothing will happen. This is the main factor. Therefore the letters are not important. What matters is the actions and consequences.

– Do such initiatives threaten the Kremlin regime or not?

– This is not a very serious threat so far. However, I want to remind you that when mobilization was announced, mothers in Dagestan and Chechnya took to the streets and disrupted the process in these regions. The Kremlin takes women's protests quite seriously. They understand that this small wave can cause a big storm. Therefore, they will closely monitor and try to extinguish it with money, intimidation, but if they fail to, the next wave will follow, and sooner or later it will all turn into a storm that cannot be ignored.

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