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Drones Struck The Most Important Russian Oil Depot In Feodosia

Drones Struck The Most Important Russian Oil Depot In Feodosia

The Zaliv shipyard in Kerch also fell under a missile strike.

Powerful explosions rocked the temporarily occupied Feodosia on the morning of December 5. They wrote online that there were about 30 explosions and houses were shaking.

Later it became known that two UAVs attacked an oil depot of the Russian occupiers.

The Sea Oil Terminal facility in Feodosia fell under attack. Crimean Wind Telegram channel reported.

The oil depot was attacked by two aircraft-type kamikaze drones. According to preliminary data, one UAV detonated in the air - only fragments fell on the territory of the oil depot.

At the same time, the second drone fell 70 meters from one of the fuel tanks. It is also known that during the drone attack, enemy air defence systems were operating on the territory of the oil depot. In particular, the invaders tried to shoot down the UAV using the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system.

According to eyewitnesses, there were explosions in Feodosia at 06:05, 06:08, 06:14 and 06:25 (local time). Residents of temporarily occupied Crimea also wrote online that they heard UAV sounds.

The Sea Oil Terminal facility is located in the northeastern part of Feodosia. There are about 30 fuel tanks on the territory of the enterprise. There are also railway tracks that allow the Russian occupiers to quickly move fuel and lubricants across the Ukrainian peninsula.

“JSC Sea Oil Terminal is deeply rooted into the hundred-year history and is important for the infrastructure of the Russian Federation. The purpose of creating the company is to ensure the social and economic needs of the population and business of the Republic of Crimea. It deals with the provision of petroleum products, services for the storage and transhipment of oil and petroleum products,” reads the company’s website.

The Crimean Wind also writes that a missile attack was carried out on the Zaliv plant in Kerch, where new warships are being built for the Russian army.

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