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'Xi Jinping Acted Like Barin': Lukashenka Humiliated In Beijing

'Xi Jinping Acted Like Barin': Lukashenka Humiliated In Beijing

The dictator was indeed brought to his knees.

For the second time in 2023, dictator Lukashenka met with Xi Jinping.

The territory of Belarus is of strategic importance to the Chinese leader as a stepping stone to Europe. At the same time, as political scientist Igor Reiterovich told Channel 24, Beijing needs Minsk as a source of funds.

Mimicry shows Lukashenka's intentions

"Lukashenka should give up the illusion that he is an important geopolitical player and that great leaders in China treat him with respect," the political scientist stressed.

The Chinese are interested in Belarus because of its geographical location: it borders EU countries and is logistically convenient. At the same time, Lukashenka's regime is doing all it can to attract Chinese investment and business to Minsk.

"He is ready to do anything. He can kneel down if necessary. And he has been doing it for 10 years. He is so 'stoic' in front of Xi that it's very difficult to describe: he has an admiration that borders on humiliation," Reiterovich stressed.

"He is ready to hug and kiss (Xi Jinping - ed.). In this respect, facial expressions play an important role, they show his attitude. And Xi Jinping behaved like a barin, calmly communicating, looking at all this, calmly nodding the floor and doing his business," Reiterovich analysed the video of the meeting between Xi and Lukashenka.

What is Xi's plan for Belarus?

After the Russian-Ukrainian war, China will gradually enter the EU via Belarus as relations improve.

Beijing has been warned that the expansion of relations in Minsk will only be possible after the war. However, Xi Jinping is preparing a springboard for the future so that he can control Belarusian companies and enterprises when the relevant processes are set in motion. The goods produced will then be sold to European countries.

"Everyone understands that these goods will not be labelled 'Made in Belarus', but 'Made in China'. They will be produced mainly in enterprises with Chinese investment, which, by the way, have already been built in Belarus. However, they have not been built on very favourable terms for Belarus. Igor Reiterovich points out that "Lukashenka promised to guarantee the purchase of half of the products under the state contract".

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