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After Video With Head Tremor, Lukashenka's Official Diagnoses Become Known

After Video With Head Tremor, Lukashenka's Official Diagnoses Become Known

The dictator was urgently taken to hospital at night.

Lukashenka's health has again become a popular topic for discussion. This time because of the dictator's appearance in front of the camera with a noticeable tremor of the head. There were comments and medical conclusions on this issue.

The editorial staff of the "White Coats" telegram channel collected all available information about the dictator's health:

- Aliaksandr Lukashenka is observed and treated at the State Institution "Republican Clinical Medical Centre" of Lukashenka's administration. At that, he has a personal attending physician and a nurse, sometimes doctors from the Republican Clinical Centre for Traumatology and from Moscow are brought to the patient.

- No electronic records of medical history are kept, all conclusions are issued in a single copy, and they are not stored in the hospital database. About a year ago, the database of the Republican Clinical Medical Centre was hacked, and no medical data of Lukashenka were found, except for a certificate about covid, the credibility of which is doubtful.

- Before the visit, the personal security service works at the hospital, checking everything starting with the identity of the staff on shift. Journalists are aware of at least two cases when physical force (beating) was used against medical workers.

Not much is known about the diagnoses:

- fat metabolism disorder of III degree (obesity);

- diabetes mellitus, amputation of a toe due to complications. The patient does not keep a diet, although he does not drink alcohol at all;

- urolithiasis. In 2018, there was an episode of renal colic when Lukashenka was taken to hospital at night, emergency and had an endoscopically placed stent in the ureter. The operation went with complications;

- osteoarthritis of the left knee joint, operated twice - arthroscopy (in the early 2000s and around 2010).

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