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‘Dima The Button’: Unveiling Custodian Of Putin’s ‘Nuclear Briefcase’

‘Dima The Button’: Unveiling Custodian Of Putin’s ‘Nuclear Briefcase’

Names and titles were announced.

Russian journalists found out that two Russian security service officers are accompanying Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and guarding his “nuclear briefcase.”

This is stated in the material of the Russian publication “Project”.

It is noted that the officers constantly accompanied Putin at least until 2019.

One of them is captain first rank Dmitry Shumeiko, but in the phone books of Kremlin colleagues he is recorded as “Dima-the-button,” the study says.

It is noted that the Shumeiko family recently vacationed near Alushta, and before the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, they spent their vacation in Italy.

Another “guard of the nuclear briefcase” turned out to be Vladimir Poleshchuk, captain of the first rank.

The “nuclear briefcase” is a code name for a suitcase with supposedly a set of codes for launching nuclear missiles, which the Kremlin dictator constantly carries with him.

Journalists also calculated that over the past year, Putin held at least 112 meetings during which he came into close contact with people who were not quarantined.

In total, from November 2022 to October 2023, Putin “held” 521 public meetings, in 43% of which the dictator distanced himself, and in another 36% cases he met only after a preliminary quarantine had been observed.

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