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Lukashists Detained Organizers Of Pismo.bel Service

Lukashists Detained Organizers Of Pismo.bel Service

A criminal case has been opened against them.

The law-enforcers detained two men, who are called “organizers of the anonymous letter service” for political prisoners. A video of them appeared on the GUBOPiK Telegram channel.

According to human rights activists, the detainees are Ihar Vuhlik and Aliaksandr Lykshyn. Vuhlik, as noted by Viasna, has a disability.

“They were detained around November 29, and now they are in the Valadarka pre-trial detention center as part of a criminal case,” human rights activists reported.

Lykshyn said that he is the founder of RegionsBy Group LLC, which is engaged in sending letters to prisoners. The details of this company are also posted on the Pismo.bel website.

In the “repentance” videos, the men were forced to say that they took part in the 2020 protests.

“We note that, according to available information, the law-enforcers were unable to access the service, although in their video they claim the opposite. All the personal data of those who send letters are stored at the post office,” the Viasna human rights center reported.

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