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Ukrainian Defence Intelligence: Russian Luanched Evacuation From Crimea

Ukrainian Defence Intelligence: Russian Luanched Evacuation From Crimea

They are rapidly selling off real estate and evacuating the families of Russians.

The occupation authorities of Russia have begun evacuation from the temporarily occupied Crimea.

Andriy Yusov, the representative of the Press Service of the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, told about it.

According to him, local residents heard a warning on FM stations that they needed to prepare for departure the day before. Mr Yusov believes that the warning applies to those Crimeans who collaborated with the occupation authorities.

“It's necessary to de-occupy the peninsula and return legitimate Ukrainian government to establish peace and order there. Actually, that is returning Crimea to its native Ukrainian "harbour". It will definitely come true in the near future. Therefore, it is really better for all those working for Russia to leave the territory of Ukrainian Crimea in the near future,” Mr Yusov said.

The representative of the Ukrainian Defence Intelligence also said that those from the Russian command and occupation administration on the peninsula are rapidly selling off their real estate and taking their families away from Crimea.

“However, they are telling to others, to the ordinary officials, 'Don’t worry, everything is calm, everything is under control.'... This is becoming a meme that the 'special operation' is going according to plan ... Families associated with the Russians are being taken out, and rapidly. This is a reason to think for all the others who have linked their fate with the criminal Putin's ruscist regime. It is better to leave Crimea while there is such an opportunity,” summed up Mr Yusov.

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