1 December 2023, Friday, 15:25
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Russian Military Exploded Grenade At Their Own Positions

Russian Military Exploded Grenade At Their Own Positions

The incident hit the video.

The Russian military exploded a grenade at their own positions when filming a curious self-explosion on video. The occupiers were training to throw the RKG-3 hand cumulative grenade, but the state of alcoholic intoxication greatly affected the quality of the throw.

The Ukraine 365 Telegram channel published a fragment of the video.

In the published footage, a group of Russian military at the forefront is instructing one of the occupiers on how to properly throw a grenade.

At the same time, the throw turned out to be unsuccessful: catching on branches, the RKG-3 grenade fell next to the occupiers' trench and exploded. It was only by sheer luck that the Russian soldier survived.

Social media users also drew attention to the quality of Russian ammunition: the production of the Soviet RKG-3 grenade was started and the grenades entered service back in 1957.

The video clearly shows that the Russian soldiers are under the strong influence of alcohol.

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