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Propagandist Solovyov Nearly Gets Killed Near Vuhledar

Propagandist Solovyov Nearly Gets Killed Near Vuhledar

The film crew was sent under artillery fire personally by the head of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov.

The scandal with the "shell hunger" and the huge losses of the invaders' units near Vuhledar became so resonant that, instead of ammunition, they sent propagandist Vladimir Solovyov to the invaders.

According to the VChK-OGPU project, it was the head of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov who personally ordered to send Solovyov to Vuhledar. The propagandist had to be escorted to the outskirts of the city for the credibility of his stories.

"After a public scandal due to the gigantic losses of the Marines of the 155th brigade, a decision was made to support the morale of the unit. As a gift, they decided to organize a visit of ... Vladimir Solovyov. The sanction for arrival was personally signed by the chief of the General Staff, who was authorized to ensure the safety of Solovyov's stay in the combat zone, in the immediate vicinity of Vuhledar. But, as the VChK-OGPU found out, everything did not go according to the plan. The country almost lost its main propagandist," the report says.

As the project writes, by a strange coincidence, with the arrival of Solovyov at the location of the marines, an artillery strike was carried out on the settlement of their location. There were allegedly no casualties, but "Solovyov's motivational speech turned out to be somewhat blurry."

After the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the film crew had to "create an edited version of inspiring shots with fearless marines who are ready to storm without any artillery support" in a short time.

The project notes that Solovyov’s visit near Vuhledar was also due to the fact that the day before, the commander of the marine brigade flatly refused to send fighters for the assault until the claimed ammunition load was at his disposal, despite intimidation by senior commanders to send him onto the carpet to report to Gerasimov.

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