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AFU Colonel: Kremlin Gives Belgorod Region Away

AFU Colonel: Kremlin Gives Belgorod Region Away

The Russian law-enforcers are in a panic, looking for “Putin's suitcase”.

Russian volunteers who entered the Belgorod region are armed forces. The internal troops of the aggressor country of Russia will not be able to stop them. The invaders need about 5-7 thousand troops to resolve the situation in the Belgorod region, but they cannot withdraw forces from the occupied territories of Ukraine. As a result, Moscow will lose control over the region. This was stated by a military expert, Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the reserve Roman Svitan.

In an interview with Glavred, he said that Moscow would not be able to do anything with volunteers in the Belgorod region until it transferred its regular troops there. The police, in an environment where the volunteers are the armed forces, are unable to stop their advance.

“Russia will not be able to do anything until it transfers its regular troops from the Ukrainian front to the Belgorod region. The Russian Guard is the cops. And the cops, when they see a tank, immediately look for a toilet — the nearest suitcase, like Putin's, or use everything that comes to hand. They will not stand face-on with a tank machine gun. Any power structures in their combat capabilities cannot be compared with the armed forces.

The fact is that the militia of the Belgorod People's Republic, which entered the region, is already the armed forces. They found tanks for their advance. Only military forces can resist them — the cops will not help here, no matter how they are called. Cops will be cops even in Africa,” Svitan explained the situation.

According to him, the Russian invaders need 5-7 thousand troops to stop the militia in the Belgorod region. However, they cannot take military forces from Ukraine, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the weakened area will immediately go for a breakthrough.

“And Russia, in order to fight in the Belgorod region, needs to transfer fired combat units there. The units from the Far East, which are staffed with conscripts, will not solve the problems — they will be defeated. Moscow needs to send troops from the Ukrainian front, but the Russians cannot withdraw troops from there. It is necessary to pick up at least 2-3 brigades — about 5-7 thousand people. If Russia takes such a step, Ukraine will have the opportunity to break through on a weakened sector of the front,” the expert added.

He also made a prediction that the situation in the Belgorod region would lead to a protracted conflict, and Moscow would eventually surrender the region.

“The Russians got into a fork. They will dance around the Belgorod region issue, but they will not really do anything. They will think that the militias with the current speed of advance can only reach the Urals in 200 years, and will give away the Belgorod region “to be torn to pieces”. They will postpone the decision until later,” Roman Svitan emphasized.

As the website Charter97.org reported earlier, the fighters of the RVC and the Freedom of Russia Legion began the second phase of the military operation on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Russian volunteers have broken through the border of the Russian Federation and are moving towards the settlement of Shebekino, Belgorod Region.

Volleys from “Grads” destroyed the leadership of the Russian military in the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Shebekino. In addition, during the fighting, an enemy truck with ammunition and a “Tulpan” self-propelled mortar were destroyed. Also, Russian volunteers demolished a cluster of enemy equipment in the village of Novaya Tavolzhanka, near the town of Shebekino.

Later, information appeared that Russian volunteers entered the suburbs of Shebekino.

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