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Azarau And Tall Tale Telling

Azarau And Tall Tale Telling

Stories the lives of the Sharikovs, Polygraph Polygraphychs.

I don’t know if champagne will run out in the country after Lukashenka’s departure, but I can state that popcorn in my native country, as well as abroad in the countries where Belarusians live, is already on the verge of extinction. Because you can watch the sessions of exposing agents and scammers only with popcorn and Coca-Cola in a large cardboard glass. We will soon begin to suffer from an excess of calories, eating popcorn in such insane amounts.

Yesterday, another “el scandal” broke out in ByPol: a certain Azarau allegedly fired a certain Kupreichyk for refusing to undergo a polygraph test. He, in turn, retained access to social media and the Telegram channel and said that Azarau was fired from ByPol, because he did not provide financial statements and was generally engaged in some dubious financial transactions. Birdsong is no longer heard in the world because of the crunch of popcorn.

Girls, stop fighting. Not a single Belarusian will believe in your legend about a polygraph, which will certainly reveal agents of the KGB and GUBOPiK. Moreover, many of us, who were imprisoned in different periods of modern history, managed to pass this very polygraph in the dungeons and know for sure that its conclusions do not always coincide with reality, and agents need to be detected by completely different methods. But I understand perfectly well that you don’t need it, because you are not going to catch and expose yourself. So you hope to feed the naive Belarusians a fairy tale about an almighty polygraph that will establish the truth.

By the way, the polygraph is still the prerogative of law enforcement agencies. Sometimes it is used by some employers when admitting a person to a trade secret. But this, firstly, is an exclusively voluntary matter (no one has the right to subject a person to any kind of repression or restrictions for refusing to check). And secondly, what trade secret can be in a non-governmental organization? The polygraph in NGOs is utter stupidity and incredible meanness. This can only testify to the fact that those who insist on testing their own colleagues and like-minded people on a polygraph still consider themselves a security official and a punisher, and their non-governmental organization — a branch of GUBOPiK.

By the way, I also passed a polygraph test — back in 2011, in the KGB pre-trial detention center. I also believed in fairy tales and thought that they would ask me if I had broken glass in the government house, and I would answer in the negative, the polygraph would confirm, after which they would immediately let me go home with an apology. But they didn't ask me about the windows in the government house. There was only one question: did he help you financially? Then followed the names of Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs, many of whom I even heard for the first time. So, when the name of the person who really helped our team during the election campaign sounded, I answered “no” and waited for exposure. But the polygraph did not even blink. But when the name of Uladzimir Husinski sounded, to which I gave the same answer with a clear conscience, the polygraph suddenly gave out a furious reaction. And the satisfied KGB officer said: “Yeah, so it was Husinski. Do not argue, you have 95 percent of lies on this surname. No, I said, I had never even met him. Then why such a reaction, asked the KGB officer. I answered honestly: “When you called his last name, I immediately thought: hell, we didn’t even contact Husinski, or maybe we should have.” So the reactions of the polygraph are unpredictable, and the security forces who dealt with it know this better than many. This is a fairy tale for the mentally retarded, in which, by a strange coincidence, many for some reason believed.

Now, fortunately, Belarusians are beginning to see clearly. Perhaps this is a feature of mentality? Let’s not forget, they waited more than 20 years before they realized who Lukashenka was and took to the streets with an absolute majority in 2020. Maybe now it will take years before Belarusians realize that impostors and criminals speak on their behalf, at best caricature characters, classic Polygraphs Poligrafychs Sharikovs — starting from the minister without two briefcases Sakhashchyk to GUBOPiK man Azarau, who imprisoned Belarusians from Azov. The problem is that we do not have decades to realize it, because we urgently need to release from prison those who continue to be imprisoned by the same people.

Undoubtedly, those who had nothing to do with repressions, but were engaged in the fight against crime, also worked in the power structures. And many of them went over to the side of the people, voluntarily giving up peace, prosperity, soft loans and other privileges that the regime generously poured into their pockets. They changed jobs, started from scratch, and some even ended up in prisons. And you need to learn to separate them from the “Azarau’s guys”. We must finally understand that those who, of their own free will, and not by a court verdict, came to serve in the GUBOPiK are different. They are not like us. Their role model is Karpiankou. And even changing the country and political orientation, they retain this model and mode of action: lies, betrayal, provocations. And they consider Belarusians to be a herd. Fortunately, Belarusians are gradually recovering from the euphoria of the year 2020 and are beginning to reciprocate. To hell with popcorn, the main thing is to stop this tall tales telling.

Iryna Khalip, exclusively for Charter97.org

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