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Russian Invaders Hit Their Own Comrades With ‘Friendly Fire’ Near Melitopol

Russian Invaders Hit Their Own Comrades With ‘Friendly Fire’ Near Melitopol

The Russians fell victims of their own provocation.

In the Zaporizhzhia region, the Russian invaders hit their own soldiers with “friendly fire”. It is reported by Unian with a reference to Russian Telegram channels,

The incident allegedly took place near Robotyne. A group of Russian invaders put on the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and tried to enter the rear of the Ukrainian troops. However, a Russian drone spotted the group, identified the invaders as Ukrainian soldiers, transmitted the coordinates to the Russian artillery, which defeated the failed saboteurs.

Due to inconsistency in actions, 32 people were killed by “friendly fire”. It is reported that after that, the Ukrainian Defense Forces discovered the positions of the Russian artillery and covered it with cluster shells. “Another 19 people died, there are many wounded, some of them seriously,” Telegram channels write.

The culprit of the tragedy was the commander, who forced the military men to change into Ukrainian uniforms and did not say anything to anyone. Immediately after the Russian artillery hit his subordinates, he realized what he had done and deserted from the positions. They are looking for him now.

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