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Political Scientist About Orbán's Statement: Hungarians Had Their Reason To See Lukashenka

Political Scientist About Orbán's Statement: Hungarians Had Their Reason To See Lukashenka

Budapest studied the situation in Belarus.

There may be one or two revolutions in Belarus. Such forecasts were shared by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at a closed meeting with MPs and representatives of the country's opposition last year.

According to Orbán, Ukraine's accession to the EU will create a "new center of power" under the control of the United States, which will include the Baltic countries, Romania, and Poland.

Why did the Prime Minister of Hungary talk about the revolution in Belarus? The Charter97.org website talked about this with Maksym Pleshko, Candidate of Philosophy, Head of the Ukrainian Center for Belarusian Communications:

– Orbán and his statement once again emphasize what the Center for Belarusian Communications constantly says – the importance of the Baltic-Black Sea space. These are Poland, the Baltic countries, Ukraine and, of course, Belarus.

Ukraine today is under direct aggression from Russia, that’s obvious. The Baltic States and Poland are under indirect aggression, they are now hoping and counting on US assistance. Orbán said nothing new. As for Belarus, we see both a geopolitical and ethno-political situation. Orbán confirms that there will be changes in Belarus. I am not a sympathizer of the Prime Minister of Hungary, but I am pleased that he said, as it coincides with our vision of the situation.

– Orbán also said that Hungary would not be able to prevent Ukraine from joining the EU.

– He will not be able to do it since the entire European Union is in favor of this. There are stronger players involved in this process. In addition, Orbán depends on European funds, decisions, and finances.

Just a few days ago, there was information that the EU was preparing for an artificial weakening of the Hungarian economy. Therefore, the US and EU forces are disproportionate to the forces of Hungary.

I would like to add that it is not necessary to absolutise the influence and power of the United States. We must understand that with some presidents, this influence may be stronger, and at some point weaker. This is a supporting factor. The main point – we, the Baltics, Poland, Ukraine and the future free Belarus – must be strong. We see that there is an understanding of the importance of our space. Therefore, the Baltic-Black Sea space is at the level of a concept, there is at the level of geopolitical science, political statements, but this is not moving further. It's time to move on to some practical steps.

– It is noteworthy that Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjártó visited Minsk in 2023, and the Hungarian ambassador handed over his credentials to Lukashenka. Hungary and the regime in Minsk have strong ties. What can Orbán know about the situation in Belarus that we do not know?

– You correctly noted that they have connections, there were visits. In a situation when no one went to Belarus, and they went, the Hungarians assessed the prospects and risks, studied the Belarusian topic, their special services made analytics, forecasts, studied the issue. Orbán leaked analytical documents so far. It wasn't just nothing. The Prime Minister of Hungary saw these data somewhere, read it. Politicians of this level do not speak for themselves, they speak on well-developed theses and rethorics developed by entire groups of experts and speechwriters since statements of this level have far-reaching consequences. Look, Orbán said about the revolution in Belarus – Belarusians are discussing this topic. Anyway, he saw it at the level of documents, and analytical forecasts.

The Hungarians went to Belarus and studied the situation, they had to have some kind of conclusion. So we saw it.

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