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Belarusian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Stamps Many Fake Documents

Belarusian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Stamps Many Fake Documents

They help to circumvent sanctions.

The basis of smuggling is fake documents, writes the Nick and Mike Telegram channel. They are stamped in bulk by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They will expose the certificate of origin of any country.

The activities of this body are a subject for study and journalistic (and not only) investigations. However, even the Chamber cannot provide all the necessary documentation for the junta volumes. Moreover, they need to work for domestic and Russia, mixing goods from the two countries under various sanctions regimes.

Then friendly countries come to the rescue. Turkey and the UAE are getting out of the big game, as secondary sanctions have reached their companies as well. But there are also the EAEU and the CIS, where you can find bargain partners.

The Belarusian Investigators Alliance came up with new results describing how the Uzbek’s fakes helped, albeit with difficulty, to push the urea carriage from Belarus to Lithuania. More than 10 companies from Belarus, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia were in this small network.

All the most typical techniques are demonstrated:

— forged documents of a third country;

— multiple companies registered for employees, and relatives in the European Union;

— registration of several “clean” companies instead of one "exposed" one.

Everything is clear with smugglers. This is their business and risk. But how the Lithuanian customs accept these fake documents, and Germany and other EU member states grant residency and even citizenship, is a big question.

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