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Russian Serviceman Kills ‘Russia’s Best Teacher’ Who Received Grant From Putin

Russian Serviceman Kills ‘Russia’s Best Teacher’ Who Received Grant From Putin

Before this, the occupier complained that he had not been given due respect in his homeland.

In Yakutia, the so-called “hero” of the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine murdered the owner of a grant from Kremlin head Vladimir Putin for winning the Best Teacher of Russia competition.

This was reported by the Nastoyashchee Vremya with a reference to the materials of the criminal case.

Reportedly, since 2020, Viktor Savvinov, who was repeatedly convicted of theft, car theft and robbery, was serving an 11-year sentence for the murder of his drinking companion, whom he “stabbed to death with four knives at once,” however, after serving only a couple of years, he went to the war.

Returning to his native village of Kutana, Suntarsk district, the 35-year-old war criminal decided to celebrate February 23, after which he went to 64-year-old Valentina Fedorova to take revenge on her for “past grievances.”

“He walked around the village and complained that he had not been paid due respect. He walked around his neighbors’ houses and came to my mother’s place at about 23:00. She is his sister-in-law, that is, his dad and our dad are siblings. Mother didn’t let him in, and she was the only one who called the head (of the village) and said that he was wandering around the village drunk. The head sent a district police officer, who did not arrest him, but took him to the sayylyk (summer type of housing among the Yakuts — edit.) and put him to bed,” said the daughter of Savvinov’s next victim.

However, the repeated offender did not calm down, and the very next day he killed his next drinking companion, breaking his head with a crowbar, and then again went to Fedorova and hacked her to death with an axe.

Whether he ultimately managed to gain the respect of his fellow villagers is not specified.

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