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MTZ Calls Former Employees Demanding Passport Data

MTZ Calls Former Employees Demanding Passport Data

What for?

MTZ employees call their former employees and ask them to dictate their passport number. This was reported by one of the readers of Euroradio, who mistook such a request for a “scam”.

Our journalist, under the guise of the concerned son of a former employee, called the company and found out that the plant was actually calling its former workers. It turned out that the trade union of MTZ veterans is doing this.

“Yes, we call veterans whose data is not in our database. We urgently need to put them into the computer. Please either call us or come to us. Everyone must be registered by the end of next week. We are not scammers.”

A union employee reported that management demands that lists be prepared to reward their former employees for the plant’s anniversary.

“To receive the bonus, you must provide your passport details, workbook and union card, and also pay a 4.80 ruble fee,” the woman added.

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