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Estonian General Staff: Russian Army Uses ‘Amoeba Tactics’

Estonian General Staff: Russian Army Uses ‘Amoeba Tactics’

The occupiers are trying to experiment due to the lack of opportunities for a big breakthrough.

The Chief of the General Staff of the Estonian Defence Forces Enno Mõts said that the Russian army uses the so-called "amoeba tactics" in the war against Ukraine. According to him, due to the lack of opportunities for a big breakthrough, the occupiers are trying to experiment with small forces everywhere and hope that somewhere there will be a chance for a breakthrough.

The ERR reported.

"The Russians are using what can be called ‘amoeba tactics’. Consciously or not, as I said, they do not have the opportunity for a deep breakthrough, but they put pressure everywhere, despite the lives of their soldiers, weapon losses, which, let’s say, burns, and hope that somewhere, suddenly, there will be an opportunity. This is their model of behaviour, which is characteristic not only for their actions on the battlefield but, we can say, on a global scale," said the Chief of the Estonian General Staff.

Enno Mõts also noted that although Russia is striking at Kharkiv, it does not have the opportunity to capture the city.

“They [the Russians - Ed.] can break through to the city in one move, but it will take significantly more troops to keep it under control. This is what Russia is doing. And this is exactly what Russians lack today. We see that they are, so to speak, building up troops — the fact is that there are more of them in Ukraine today than two years ago — but again, the level of their training and the level of command is low, at the company level. In recent weeks, they have also tried to combine company armored attacks, but these are quite isolated cases," he explained.

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