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‘Belaruskaia Vyvedka’: Lukashenka's Disease Progresses

‘Belaruskaia Vyvedka’: Lukashenka's Disease Progresses

He’ll have to stop playing hockey.

‘Belaruskaia Vyvedka (‘Belarusian Intelligence’) Telegram channel writes that Lukashenka's health condition is deteriorating:

“Three people help Lukashenka to dress in uniform in a hockey locker room. Lukashenka is unable to get up from the bench on his own. Along the corridor, where there are no prying eyes, he is escorted ‘under the elbow’ by his personal guard. The maximum that a dictator is capable of is to stand on the ice and take a few steps, drive along the stands with long pauses, throw souvenirs on the stands.”

Sources report that the “game” itself looks so pathetic that everyone without exception, including the audience, feels Spanish shame. The disease progresses rapidly.

In addition, the dictator was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes:

“Drugs for Parkinson's are only partially effective – it was possible to somehow contain the constant tremor of the head, although it sometimes manifests itself in public. Eyewitnesses say that he has tremors especially clearly in moments of excitement or aggression, so both the medical unit and the entourage persuaded Lukashenka not to be nervous on camera. It becomes increasingly difficult to mount and cut out his fits of rage, accompanied by an intense twitching of the head without losing context.

During the trip to Hrodna, after pressing Karayev, it was even necessary to turn off the cameras and hastily drive away the extras to a decent distance. After the trip, tranquilizers were urgently added to the treatment. In addition to the persistent symptoms, hand tremors worsen. But the biggest problem is the stiffness of movements. Drugs, daily massage, Chinese medicine and acupuncture have no effect. Increasingly pronounced Parkinson's symptoms loomed on the horizon, which can no longer be hidden not only from the inner circle and the Headquarters, but also from senior management officials and the power bloc.

Lukashenka even more often began to talk about "eternity" and the future without him. In the surroundings, there are conversations about the "successor", a specific surname is called (we will report it by a separate post after a thorough verification of the data).”

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