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IDF Telling How ‘Night Of Interceptions’ Went

IDF Telling How ‘Night Of Interceptions’ Went

For the first time in the world, fighter jets were able to complete such a complex task.

While all Israelis were anxiously glued to their televisions, phones and computers in anticipation of news on the night of April 14, the army was calmly preparing for actions to intercept Iranian missiles flying towards Israel. The army press service told what it looked like from the inside, «Detali» writes.

“At 01:30 am we recorded the first launches — ballistic targets containing a lot of explosives, and realized that this was for real,” Lieutenant Colonel A. describes the beginning of the dramatic night.

That night, dozens of airborne threats — drones and missiles — launched from Iran into Israel were successfully intercepted. This is an unprecedented figure — 99% interception of enemy UAVs and cruise missiles.

The 107th Squadron also prepared for this moment and knew exactly what to do when given the signal. “When we received the message that it was “hour X,” recalls the deputy squadron commander, Major A. “We immediately prepared weapons on all aircraft, and the technicians set up the equipment to fire air-to-air missiles (at targets). Reservists, aircrews and even fighters from the north and south arrived and began to act to make sure that no targets would harm our territory.”

“In such moments, there is a feeling of tension, anticipation, skill, a desire to take off and protect the squadron, family and friends,” adds Captain G, the squadron’s combat navigator. “When taking off, you know perfectly well what you need to do, you were mobilized for such moments, you trained for a long time for them. You detect a missile launch and you know it’s on its way, so you need to destroy it in order it doesn’t come to our home.”

“For the first time in the world, fighter aircraft have demonstrated the ability to combat long-range ballistic missiles and explosives in huge quantities,” comments the head of the Hetz anti-missile system battalion. “It’s a source of pride to know that you are able to prevent attacks on this scale that could lead to disaster.”

“All IDF security forces were involved and knew exactly how to act,” adds Colonel A. “This is our job, we prepare for these extreme scenarios all the time. We do everything to be one step ahead of the enemy."

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