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The Hill: Johnson Changed His Mind About Aid To Ukraine

The Hill: Johnson Changed His Mind About Aid To Ukraine

He counts on the Democrats to help him vote in the U.S. Congress.

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (Lower House of Congress) Mike Johnson notes that the provision of lethal aid to Ukraine is critically important.

The Hill reports. Johnson will lean heavily on Democrats to move a series of bills in the coming days providing aid to Ukraine, Israel and other democratic allies overseas. This strategy acknowledges the nuances of governing in a divided Washington but also heightens the risk of his removal by disgruntled conservatives.

Johnson had earlier rejected a foreign aid bill approved by the Senate. As you know, this initiative was supported by the Democrats. In particular, the speaker sought to soften the position of harsh critics in the ranks of the Republicans and to choose a more conservative approach to controversial foreign aid. At the same time, he is pushing a border security bill that is also designed to attract conservatives to vote.

The media emphasizes that Johnson's multi-vector strategy to promote almost $100 billion in foreign aid only led to an aggravation in the ranks of the restive right wing of the Republicans and caused the threat of his resignation.

Several Republicans said they would not support Johnson's initiatives. In particular, the three toughest Republicans in the Committee on Procedural Affairs will resist putting bills to a vote, writes The Hill.

The backlash against Johnson's actions on foreign aid means that success in passing bills depends on Democrats' votes - not only on the final versions of the bills when they are put to a vote, but also on the procedural decisions that will allow them to be put to a vote.

Despite the sharp criticism, Johnson last week received support from former President Donald Trump, who said the speaker was “doing very well.”

At the same time, Johnson rejected threats of his resignation from some Republicans, and said he was simply working to protect Democratic allies abroad.

“If I had worked out of fear over a removal petition, I would never have been able to do my job. I can make a selfish decision and do something great, but I do what I think is right. I think that the provision of lethal aid to Ukraine is now critically important," he stressed.

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