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HIMARS Hits Important Russian Military Facility In Skadovsk

HIMARS Hits Important Russian Military Facility In Skadovsk

A powerful blow was struck.

On the morning of Saturday, May 18, a series of strong explosions occurred in occupied Skadovsk. The occupiers claim that the Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly struck with a HIMARS multiple launch rocket system, Dialog.UA reports.

Collaborator Vladimir Saldo, appointed by the Kremlin as the “governor” of the occupied regions of the Kherson region, confirmed the hits.

He claims that a certain building was damaged as a result of the attack. No photos or videos yet. Also, according to the occupiers, the number of those wounded as a result of the attack increased to 11. The Russians are hiding the details of the incident. The Ukrainian side has not yet commented on what happened.

However, with a high degree of probability it can be assumed that an important military facility of the Russian Armed Forces was attacked.

Skadovsk is located approximately 60 kilometers from the line of combat contact in the Kherson region. This is the deep rear of the occupying army of the Russian Federation.

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