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Lukashenka Causes Scandal During His Visit To Azerbaijan

Lukashenka Causes Scandal During His Visit To Azerbaijan

There is an appeal to the CSTO.

Journalists from the Armenian publication “Armenian News – NEWS.am” appealed to the CSTO because of Lukashenka’s statements about Azerbaijan.

On May 16, the Belarusian dictator at a press conference following a meeting with Azerbaijani leader Ilham Aliyev said the following: “I remembered our conversation before the war, before your war of liberation, when we talked philosophically at dinner together. Then we came to the conclusion that the war could be won.”

Considering that the ruler from a member country of the Collective Security Treaty Organization actually admits to discussing the upcoming aggression against another CSTO member (Armenia) with the aggressor (Azerbaijan), the publication’s correspondent contacted the CSTO Secretariat in the hope of finding out the position of the organization’s Secretary General. It turned out that the CSTO had no opinion at all.

“The statement you cited was made by the leader of a sovereign state within the framework of a bilateral dialogue, and cannot be the subject of assessment by the CSTO Secretary General,” the CSTO answered.

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