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Cause Of Iranian President's Helicopter Crash Becomes Known

Cause Of Iranian President's Helicopter Crash Becomes Known

Iranian media released details.

The reason for the crash of the helicopter carrying Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi could have been a technical malfunction.

Delegation of the military together with experts have already started investigating the causes of the crash.

This was reported by the Iranian IRNA news agency.

It is noted that there were a total of three helicopters with "ministers and officials", two of them landed without problems.

"Raisi died on Sunday May 19, 2024 in a helicopter crash that occurred due to a technical malfunction while returning from Hoda Damba Afarin to Tabriz oil refinery," the news outlet said.

At the same time, Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Mohammad Bagri said that a delegation of the military together with experts have started an investigation into the causes of the accident at the site of the tragedy.

It is noted that the plane crash killed Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, the leader of Friday prayers of the city of Tabriz Mohammad Ali Al-E Hashem, the governor of East Azerbaijan Malek Rahmati, Mehdi Mousavi, the head of the Raisi security team, as well as pilots and maintenance staff on board.

The funeral of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi will be held in his native town of Mashhad in the north-east of the country on May 23.

We remind you that Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi was killed in a helicopter crash in the mountains on the border with Azerbaijan on May 19.

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