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ISW: Russia Pulling Troops To Two Ukrainian Regions' Borders

ISW: Russia Pulling Troops To Two Ukrainian Regions' Borders

The American experts have revealed what the occupiers are up to.

The Russians are concentrating their troops on the border with Kharkiv and Sumy regions. Although the number of the Russian contingent is limited, such a number may force Ukraine to redeploy and stretch its forces along the state border. This is stated in a report by the US-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

According to analysts, Russian troops are concentrated near Graivoron-Borisovka-Proletarsky in the west of Belgorod Region. Satellite images show that in recent weeks the Russians have expanded their activities at bases and warehouses in settlements in the area. However, the exact size of the occupiers' forces remains unknown.

This area allows Russian occupier forces to launch offensive operations south towards Zolochiv and Bogodukhiv, two Ukrainian towns located northwest of Kharkiv, up to 25 kilometres from the international border. In addition, the Russians may advance westwards along the R-45 motorway connecting Bogodukhiv to Sumy.

The ISW analysts suggest that Russian troops could conduct an offensive in one or both directions at the same time. Such an action would force Ukraine to stretch its forces over a larger section of the border in Kharkiv and Sumy regions.

At the same time, Russia is concentrating limited troops in Kursk and Bryansk oblasts near the border with Sumy region. ISW believes that even limited troop concentrations in these areas may force Ukraine to pull back and consolidate forces on the international border.

The Russian military forces are now bringing the Northern grouping of troops up to its planned size and are likely to launch a limited offensive in the Sumy-Kharkiv direction before the grouping reaches full size.

"Even limited Russian offensive operations in these areas would create pressure that would stretch Ukrainian manpower and hardware along a wider front and possibly allow Russian forces to establish tactical bridgeheads to support further operations either northwest of the city of Kharkiv or toward the town of Sumy," the report noted.

However, even after reaching the upper limit of its strength, the occupiers' Northern Group of Forces will not be strong enough to encircle or capture Kharkiv or Sumy, the Institute assured.

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