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BILD: Outdated US Missile Destroys Russian 'Invincible' S-400

BILD: Outdated US Missile Destroys Russian 'Invincible' S-400

A disgrace to the Russian military-industrial complex.

Last week, the AFU launched a strike on Russian Armed Forces positions near the Mospine airfield in Donetsk region, BILD writes.

The attack was carried out using the American ATACMS Block 1 (M39) missile. It was developed 35 years ago, and in 2020 was withdrawn from the US Army as outdated. It managed to hit Russia's newest S-400 surface-to-air missile system. Russian propaganda has repeatedly called it "invincible." Each such SAM system costs more than 1 billion euros.

The S-400 detected an enemy warhead near Mospine and fired at least six anti-aircraft missiles at it. But none were able to intercept it. As a result, not only the Russian launchers, but also the radar system burned down.

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