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Serious Conflict On The Border With Lithuania

Serious Conflict On The Border With Lithuania

The driver of the BMW laid the "people's guard" on the ground.

On May 27, there was a serious conflict in the queue on the border of Belarus at the border crossing "Beniakoni — Šalčininkai" from the Lithuanian side. Readers of AvtoGrodno share a video of the incident.

Eyewitnesses said that at the end of the queue, near the entrance to the Lithuanian checkpoint, men in reflective vests, the so-called people's squad, were traditionally on duty on the road. These are people who also wait in line, but additionally try to regulate the order in it so that no one goes around standing cars.

By the way, by that time, they were waiting in the queue for at least 43 hours.

Two days in the queue to the checkpoints did not suit the driver on the premium BMW XM with Lithuanian license plates, and he went to the barriers past the queue. Near the checkpoint, he was met by men from the "people's guard".

It is not known what the conversation was about, but the BMW driver was not going to linger and began to move through people. Several men stepped aside, but one of them began to press against the hood of the crossover, and the other tried not to let the car go, holding it by the driver's door.

As a result, the driver of the BMW XM accelerated sharply, the man in front managed to jump off, and the second one reached for the car and fell on the asphalt.

According to eyewitnesses, after that, the driver of the BMW XM went somewhere, returning to the queue a few hours later, when it was already dark, by 11 pm. By this point, Lithuanian police officers were already on the scene.

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