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Secret Shelter With Hell Back Door

Secret Shelter With Hell Back Door
Uladzimir Khalip

Blitzkrieg failed.

It happened more than once that bad times came suddenly. When close people and subjects had to invent miracles to save a wise ruler from an impending catastrophe. Created by the same ruler, usually. After a sudden fit of inspiration, or as a result of an unwavering belief in one's own greatness. The consequences of such an unexpected impulse then had to be disintegrated throughout the country. Long and painful.

However, today's Russia is still ahead. Of course, the blitzkrieg failed. Victory did not break through. The end of the war is not yet visible. But problems, miscalculations, failures and misfortunes are more than enough.In the depths of the inspired and meek voter, a simple and dangerous question arises: how?..

The inhabitants believed in their chosen one so much. He can do anything. That's why they loved him. He will wave his hand, and the Crimean peninsula will again be within the borders of the federation. He sits at the helm of a strategic bomber, and flies to the highest altitude. Only the red button remains to be pressed. And here some special operation has long and hopelessly turned into a difficult war, and it has no end in sight. What could have happened to the ruler – he was tired, he didn't prey upon mice?

Whatever it is! He knows everything, he catches everyone. He is interrogated, treated, and buried in prison for many years. He can do anything. It's just an unimaginable experience. He does not fuss in vain. Waiting for the right moment. That's a strategist. And a Cheka agent too. An explosive mixture. Therefore, in the midst of the ferocious offensive on Kharkiv, when the stormtroopers were ready to burrow into the ground and take at least a short respite despite the order that the agitation shell had exploded.

Not some in-house propagandists, but a quite respectable Western news agency suddenly stunned its demanding audience with sensational news. As if Putin had given a clear and distinct signal about the possibility of peace talks and even freezing the special operation. The source is reliable. Only too valuable to be so easily named. There was no doubt left: the Kremlin leaks.

This is almost on the eve of the Global Peace Summit. It will take place in Switzerland as early as next month. More than 90 countries have declared their participation. Is it true that Russia is trying not to be sidelined in one way or another? Just miracles. Did the aggressor suddenly think about how to get out of the impasse created by himself?.. Some signs of the coming changes were bound to appear. They appeared, of course.

It is said that the whole country suddenly saw the almost forgotten dove of peace flying embarrassingly in its sky. At first, everyone thought it was a drone. Took a closer look – no, nothing like that. A dove. Almost the same as the artist Picasso. Even with an olive branch in its beak. But here the skeptics were already worried. It's not an olive. And not a palm branch. It's just a disheveled bunch of dollars. This is not a dove of peace, it's better not to stir up the Soviet past. An ordinary foreign agent flew across the sky. What is the air defence doing there?

The air defense was looking only to the east at that time. Not because the vigilance vector suddenly changed. It's just that something happened there that wasn't expected. While they were deciding whether to allow Ukraine to strike NATO and American missiles at military facilities on Russian territory, Ukrainian drones made a significant correction to the essence of the problem. In May, three nuclear early warning facilities were attacked. All these radar stations are over-the-horizon. A breach in the Russian missile defence system has been breached. What did everyone wait so long for?

At a press conference in Tashkent, the Kremlin leader was totally frank. He expressed a seemingly purely clerical idea about the nature of current relations with the West. Quite specifically – about the prospects for any compromises in the protracted war, modestly called a special operation.

“Representatives of NATO countries, especially in Europe, especially in small countries, must understand what they are playing with. They must understand that they are states with a small territory and dense population. This factor should be borne in mind – before talking about striking deep into Russia. " Everything has been said. A clear and unambiguous answer to all those who believe that the war in Ukraine is just a territorial dispute. Just throw the aggressor a bone, and he will calm down. Is he such a naive Chekist agent with a big club?

War is not scary for him. Even the world war. He has a bunker. More precisely, bunkers. There are many. Back in Soviet times, steep-headed leaders thought seriously about how to protect themselves in the event of the arrival of something inevitable from there. The history of guiding ideas can be learned from these shelters. A prestigious collection. But it is not even customary to talk about it. Secret. Dead one. We only know that they are all in perfect order. Just in case.

That's why he brags. Instructions in the event of nuclear war have long been known. Everyone saves himself. He is no exception. It will go to his most reliable, most comfortable and deepest shelter. There he can relax, sit quietly and wait even forever. In case something unexpected happens, there's a secret door. Top secret door. Known only to him.

Emergency exit straight to hell.

Uladzimir Khalip, especially for Charter97.org

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