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East Of Moscow InFlames: Aviation Is Extinguishing Strong Fire

East Of Moscow InFlames: Aviation Is Extinguishing Strong Fire

Local residents report explosions.

In Moscow (Russian Federation) today, May 30, there was a powerful fire in a warehouse with an area of two thousand square meters. A helicopter is used to extinguish the flame.

It is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Telegram channel of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia and Russian media.

The fire incident happened in the east of the capital of the aggressor country in the Novogireevsky district.

Due to a severe fire, Martenovskaya Street, where this building is located, was closed. The media report that the warehouse of the former Toros machine-building plant caught fire. In a large-scale fire, the walls of the building partially collapsed, small explosions came from there, and aviation was involved in extinguishing.

Russian rescuers say that extinguishing a fire in a warehouse in Moscow is complicated by the "high fire load of the building."

It is noted that there are containers with flammable liquid inside.

The Russian Ministry also said that 120 firefighters are trying to extinguish the fire, 40 pieces of equipment and a Ka-32 helicopter are involved.

According to the Russian media, fires in a warehouse in the east of Moscow had the 3rd rank of complexity. Residents said that some explosions were heard during a fiery emergency.

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