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Crow Attacks Girl In Minsk, Injures Her To Blood

Crow Attacks Girl In Minsk, Injures Her To Blood

The incident got on video.

Citizens of Minsk are complaining about crows - the birds attack passers-by. One such incident was captured on video.

A girl was walking along the street when a bird swooped down on her. Not limited to one attack, the bird went for a second run.

Later, the victim of raven aggression said that the feathered hurt her head to blood.

We remind you, ornithologists earlier informed that in the middle of May and June, chicks of grey crows begin to come out of the nest. The chicks hide in the grass, and parents sometimes defend them selflessly.

If a crow injures a person, the wounds should be treated with hydrogen peroxide, iodine or other common remedies.

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