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Explosion At SAM Plant In Poland

Explosion At SAM Plant In Poland

There are victims.

An explosion occurred at the Polish defense company Mesko S.A., RMF FM and Polsat reported. The incident was confirmed by the head of the company, Elżbieta Śreniawska, to the Polish media.

The explosion at the plant, located in Skarżysku-Kamiennej, occurred in the department producing rocket fuel. A fire broke out after the explosion. There were three people in the workshop at the time of the explosion. One of them died.

Emergency services are working at the scene. Rescuers are finishing extinguishing the fire.

The circumstances of the incident are being established.

Mesko S.A. supplies its products to the Polish army and the armed forces of other NATO countries. The company also produces portable SAM Piorun, anti-tank missiles, etc.

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