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AFU Destroy Rare Russian Electronic Warfare System

AFU Destroy Rare Russian Electronic Warfare System

The target was hit by a simple FPV drone.

Ukrainian defenders from the 10th brigade of ‘Edelweiss’ have destroyed the Russian RB-301B ‘Borisoglebsk-2’ multifunctional electronic warfare complex. This was said in comments to LIGA.net by the speaker of the operational-strategic group of troops ‘Khortytsa’ Nazar Voloshin.

Soldiers of a separate mountain assault brigade defeated it with the help of FPV-drone east of Pokrovske in Donetsk region, he noted.

Earlier, the same brigade captured the same complex of the occupants as a trophy - it happened on March 13, 2022.


The first documented case of destroying the ‘Borisoglebsk-2’ by the AFU occurred in October 2023 - then a video of the defeat and location in Donetsk region became available.

The first eight complexes were delivered to Russian forces in 2013, and 14 more complexes were delivered in 2014-15, the invaders write.

The Borisoglebsk-2 includes the R-300KMV control centre and individual vehicles with different radio-electronic equipment. These include, among other things, radio-technical reconnaissance equipment necessary to detect radio signals and provide data on them.

In its full configuration, it includes nine different vehicles with a set of equipment, mounted on MT-LB chassis (the so-called ‘motolyga’), modified to install new special equipment.

The Russians claim that once it arrives at the site, the Borisoglebsk-2 needs ‘about 15 minutes’ to turn on all the equipment and prepare for combat operations.

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