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TSN: Lukashenka Is A Problem That Ukraine Must Sort Out

TSN: Lukashenka Is A Problem That Ukraine Must Sort Out

There is a scenario that the Belarusian dictator is afraid of.

Full-fledged participation of Minsk in the war would mean instant strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on strategically important facilities for the Belarusian regime – oil refineries, military bases, depriving the Kremlin of the possibility of using them for its own needs, TSN reports.

As the deployment of air defence units to cover the Mazyr refinery shows, Lukashenka envisaged such a scenario. And yet he's afraid of it. At the same time, the Belarusian direction cannot be completely safe.

Over the past two years, Belarus has held continuous exercises, including mobilization exercises with the involvement of reservists, and the Belarusian Armed Forces are actively adopting the experience of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The replacement of moderate Viktar Hulevich with "hawk" Pavel Muraveika as the head of the General Staff became indicative. The latter is known for provoking a diplomatic conflict between Minsk and Vilnius, calling for "cutting through the corridor to Lithuania by force of arms."

Anyway, the Lukashenka regime remains a permanent problem for Ukraine.

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