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Famous Representative Of ‘Russian Community’ Detained In Denmark

Famous Representative Of ‘Russian Community’ Detained In Denmark

The Russian woman is suspected of espionage.

On June 11, Danish intelligence services arrested a Russian citizen who was accused of assisting a foreign intelligence service in Denmark.

The Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) announced this in a statement to the Danish public broadcaster DR.

According to the intelligence service, the arrest is related to a publication “in several European media” about the Russian state fund “Pravfond”, based in Moscow and where intelligence officers have been working in key positions for several years.

“She is accused of violating Article 108 of the Danish Criminal Code, which concerns allowing a foreign intelligence service to operate in Denmark — in particular, cooperation for the purpose of exerting influence,” PET reported.

The woman is one of the most famous representatives of the Russian community in Denmark. Among other things, she runs a counseling center for Russian speakers in a city in Zealand, DR writes. According to internal documents, the center has received at least 338,000 Danish kroner from Pravfond since 2017.

The woman is expected to be released after questioning.

As DR notes, the Moscow Pravfond, according to Western intelligence, is in fact part of a Russian propaganda campaign to create stories about discrimination against Russian-speaking citizens abroad.

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