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The Telegraph: Putin Is Close To Losing Crimea

The Telegraph: Putin Is Close To Losing Crimea

A plan has been announced to liberate the peninsula using ATACMS missiles.

With his sights set on seizing new territory in Ukraine, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin may lose annexed Crimea.

This is stated in an article by British journalist Tom Sharpe from The Telegraph..

Last October, Minister of State for the Armed Forces James Heappey described Russia's Black Sea Fleet as "functionally defeated" based on losses it suffered from drone and missile attacks caused by special forces.

“Perhaps the peninsula does not need Ukrainian ‘boots’ at all, but needs to close off the arteries to enemy supplies, increase pressure and wait until missiles, ammunition and basic supplies run out,” says an article by British journalist Tom Sharpe.

It is noted that Putin is forced to “burn resources” to hold the island, having achieved nothing but a propaganda loss.

“Add to this the inconvenience factor, and Crimea becomes not just a significantly reduced base of operations, but a negotiating point of strategic importance for the entire conflict,” the article reads.

They write that Crimea is now fed by two arteries – the Kerch Bridge and a new railway line built across a land bridge from the east, and both of these objects are within the range of American ATACMS missiles.

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