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AFU Launch Offensive North Of Kharkiv

AFU Launch Offensive North Of Kharkiv

The Ukrainian military knocked out the Russians from their positions in the direction of Liptsy.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have regained their previously lost positions in the direction of Liptsy thanks to a successful counterattack. This is stated in the report of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) dated June 11, 2024.

‘Ukrainian forces recently regained lost positions in the direction of Liptsy (north of Kharkiv) amid prolonged fighting in northern Kharkiv region on June 11. The geolocation data released on June 10 shows that Ukrainian forces have regained positions along the O-212553 Liptsy-Kharkiv road southeast of Hlyboke (northeast of Liptsy),’ the report said.

The analysts also mentioned that the Russian Defence Ministry and several Russian military bloggers claim that Ukrainian forces are counterattacking in the direction of Liptsy, particularly near Hlyboke, which is consistent with available geolocation evidence.

In addition, ISW reported that fighting continued in Vovchansk (northeast of Kharkiv), particularly near the Vovchansk Aggregate Plant and near the villages of Tikhe and Vovchanski Khutori.

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