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Media: Large-Scale Fires Break Out In Crimea Following Storm Shadow Attack

Media: Large-Scale Fires Break Out In Crimea Following Storm Shadow Attack

New details of the morning explosions.

A missile hazard was declared in the temporarily occupied Crimea at night. This was reported on June 12 in the Russian Telegram channel “ChP / Crimea”.

The content authors noted that the hazard is related to possible launches of Storm Shadow missiles towards the Crimea.

The Crimean Wind public noted that at 02:47 am the first explosions were heard in Sevastopol, and at 02:50 am — in Yevpatoria, Saki and Yany Kapu.

“In the rest of the peninsula, they simply heard it all. The attack across the Crimea ended in 8-10 minutes,” the publication says.

At 4:00, one or two explosions thundered in Armyansk.

Citing a source, journalists reported that “something happened” to an enemy S-400 air defense missile system in the Sevastopol area. They later clarified that information about a possible defeat or damage to the system requires confirmation.

Locals noticed heavy smoke on a mountain near the village of Verkhnesadove near Sevastopol. The Internet suggested that something “flew in at night”, or that there was a regular forest fire.

Also, in the village of Osipenko, people complained about a chemical smell, as if plastic was burning, which made it “impossible to breathe.” The smell of smoke was also felt in the nearby village of Kacha.

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