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Polish Border Guards Block Traffic At ‘Terespol’ Border Crossing Point

Polish Border Guards Block Traffic At ‘Terespol’ Border Crossing Point

Because of the Belarusian.

Belarusian Dzmitry Smaktunovich was expelled from Poland on June 11 for violating the rules of stay in the European Union: his residence permit in Lithuania was cancelled.

Now the man is in the neutral zone and is afraid to go to Belarus because of his civil position. The law enforcers are already waiting for him on the Belarusian side of the border, while the Polish border guards have blocked the entrance so that he could not get back to Poland.

As it became known to MOST, Dzmitry Smaktunovich was detained in Poland. The reason for the detention could be that the man was transporting migrants, who illegally enter Poland from the Belarusian side. His wife says that the detention took place in April 2023, then he cooperated with the investigation, thanks to his actions it was possible to find other participants of the transport channel.

The criminal record was cancelled. And now the reason for deportation was precisely the cancellation of residence permit in Lithuania.

Meanwhile, the Polish side blocked the bridge, so that the man did not try to break through to Poland. Thus, he was locked in the neutral strip.

The Border Committee of Belarus confirmed that the Polish side blocked the traffic in both directions because of the incident with the Belarusian.

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