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Lithuania Is A Building Military Town For German Troops On The Border With Belarus

Lithuania Is A Building Military Town For German Troops On The Border With Belarus

5,000 troops will be accommodated in the military town.

Lithuania is building a town for the German forces on the border with Belarus. Delfi reported.

Now the site is being prepared for construction, it is located near the village of Rudninkai (Šalčininkai district) near the Lithuanian-Belarusian border. The entire infrastructure and landfills on an area of tens of hectares are planned to be completed by the end of 2027.

"This can be called a military town since its population will be ten times larger than in Rudninkai, where about five hundred people are living," said Colonel Rimantas Jarmalavičius, commander of the Ramanauskas Combat Training Centre. He conducted a tour for journalists the day before.

On 40 hectares there will be barracks and multifunctional buildings. A helipad is being equipped on the other side of the road from the town.

At the moment, the forest has already been cut down on the site, it took three months. Further, they will carry out demining of the territory that the USSR used to test aerial bombs during the Cold War. The tender for these works was won by a British company, whose specialists carry out the clearance, and the Lithuanians after them check how well everything is done.

The Lithuanian army expects that in the next two months a contract will be signed for the construction of barracks and other infrastructure, for example, gyms. Also, water and electricity will be laid there. The main part of the work is planned to be completed in 2025.

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