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'These People Are The Honor And Conscience Of The Belarusian People'

'These People Are The Honor And Conscience Of The Belarusian People'

The Belarusian urged not to forget about the rail partisans.

In December 2020, Dzianis Dikun was sentenced to 23 years in a medium-security prison. His sister's 34-year-old husband Dzmitry Ravich to 22 years, Dzianis's 52-year-old father-in-law Aleh Mauchanau to 21 year. They were accused of burning a relay cabinet at the Zherd station on February 28 and delaying the advance of Russian troops to Ukraine.

“Dzianis ran a small store. His wife and two small daughters left at home. During his arrest, he was severely beaten. While in custody, he was often placed in a punishment cell. He received two more years in prison on March 24. Allegedly for disobedience to the administration. On June 18, his appeal will be considered in Mahiliou.

Svetlahorsk partisans are the honor and conscience of the Belarusian people. They could not remain idle when the Russians attacked fraternal Ukraine. Their feat will live forever,” a reader of the Charter97.org website urges not to forget the Belarusian heroes.

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