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AFU Special Forces Mop Up With Armoured Vehicles Russian Positions In Zaporizhzhia

AFU Special Forces Mop Up With Armoured Vehicles Russian Positions In Zaporizhzhia

The occupants were attacked using forest terrain.

Fighters of the ‘Omega’ Special Forces Centre have effectively carried out an assault on the Russian positions in the Zaporizhzhia direction.

The centre said that they involved their fighters from the 1st separate detachment in the assault.

The Russians were entrenched in a forest belt in one of the directions in Zaporizhzhia region.

Before the assault, Ukranian drones had scanned the Russian position and corrected the actions of the assault team.

An American M113 armoured personnel carrier with a large-calibre machine gun on its roof was chosen for the assault.

The armoured personnel carrier was also equipped with an electronic warfare system to suppress the signals of Russian FPV drones.

The M113 crew consists of two people: a mechanic-driver and a commander. In addition to them, the armoured personnel carrier can carry eleven paratroopers.

During the assault, the Ukrainian M113 managed to get close to the Russian position and successfully blew up the paratroopers.

The Omega assault troopers immediately began advancing towards the occupants' positions in the forested area and firing continuously.

During the assault, one of the Ukrainian fighters was wounded by a fragmentation grenade. The Russians sent drones at once, which the Ukrainians were trying to shoot down with small arms, and they started to fire at the M113 armoured vehicle.

However, the Omega fighters managed to complete the assault and leave the battle site on an armoured personnel carrier.

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