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'Look At The Faces Of People Who Hold High Offices'

'Look At The Faces Of People Who Hold High Offices'

The doctor responded harshly to the Lukashists.

The main reason for the outflow of personnel in medicine is consumer extremism. Ihar Tur said yesterday in his author's program. Propagandists do not broadcast on their own, but always clearly articulate the position of the state. White Coats talked with Lidzia Tarasenka, coordinator of the Medical Solidarity Fund, about what was happening:

— Propaganda was silent for a long time, but finally I have to admit the obvious: people are leaving medicine! Trying to explain what is happening from a "politically correct" point of view, Ihar Tur, in his pseudo-analytical program, tried to pile up a semantic construction of half-truths and personal observations. The obvious reasons for the outflow of doctors can not be called, because these are: overwork, small paychecks, repression, the ticket quota system. But you can speak a lot about "consumer terrorism" and make the expected conclusion — patients are totally guilty again.

It turned out almost convincingly. Simple solutions and explanations of complex problems are generally the focus of propaganda. Perhaps not everyone even noticed a serious puncture in Tur's logical simulations: when drawing conclusions about problems with personnel in health care, the propagandist refers not to official statistics, but to his private impressions and conversations with anonymous sources. He puts pressure on emotions without operating with facts.

If you completely turn off the logic and give in to the temptation to share Tur's emotions, a thought arises: but really — we are unlucky with our people again! He gets enough of our glorious doctors with his complaints, so they flee to Germany, Poland and Lithuania.

Propaganda invites us to sympathize with the wounded pride of doctors and nurses, while modestly keeping silent that in the state system of Belarus, each person persists, and as it turned out, successfully proves that your personality can be reduced to a function, to a servant of an ideology that is constantly changing, contradictory and alien.

Entered in a medical university? Running to join the BRSM (if you did not do it earlier), and then — be sure to come to the events of military memory, Saturday forced cleanings, obligatory work positions after university and more obligatory work.

Do you want more freedom after studying for a fee? No, those who pay for education are forced to sign additional agreements to the contract, where it is written that even after paying the tuition fee, they are still obliged.

The attempt at total control looks ridiculous and scary at the same time. People placed in such conditions do not cope well with tasks that require responsibility, creativity, and high motivation. And among the motivating factors, many employees have only fear and hope. But this is not enough to keep thousands of people in their jobs, leaving for other countries or leaving the profession anywhere.

The most striking example of a failure in personnel policy is not even medicine, but the sphere of civil servants. Look at the faces of people who speak on behalf of the state in high offices. Listen to their speech, look at the postures, follow the thoughts that are expressed. Are they capable of creating anything? Are they ready to make bold decisions? Are they ready to take responsibility?

Yesterday, from the screens of state television, they showed that they paid attention to the problem with personnel in medicine. This worries me. Well, they will not, realizing that people are fleeing, return some rights to health workers... Maybe the exaction for the Red Cross will stop? I don't believe it. There is no doubt that the repression will not stop, on the contrary, they can only add an element of chaos, for example, cancel clinical protocols — treat as you want.

The only motive for such speeches is to aggravate the tension between doctors and patients. Create a conflict behind which it will be convenient to hide the true causes of the problem.

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