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Russian Ships & Boats No Longer Guarding Crimean Bridge

Russian Ships & Boats No Longer Guarding Crimean Bridge

The occupiers chose to defend the bridge differently.

Representative of the Ukrainian Navy, captain 3rd rank Dmytro Pletenchuk told how Russia is now guarding the Crimean (Kerch) bridge on Radio NV.

“Previously, they had from 10 to 14 ships and boats at sea simultaneously guarding the bridge, but now there are zero of them there. Accordingly, they must somehow solve this problem,” says Pletenchuk.

He also explained how, according to the Russians, barges and booms should work:

“They are trying to narrow the possibility of maneuver as much as possible, to narrow the passage in order to make it easier to control this area of the sea with the goal, of course, of protecting that very structure. <...> So they are building passive barriers, engineering structures in the form of the same barges with booms. The goal is counter standing.”

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