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AFU Destroy Four S-300 Units With HIMARS

AFU Destroy Four S-300 Units With HIMARS

The Russian army used them to shell Kharkiv.

The defence forces with the help of American artillery HIMARS systems have destroyed four Russian installations S-300, with which the army of the Russian Federation was striking Kharkiv. This was reported by the founder of the Kraken special unit Kostiantyn Nemichev on Wednesday, June 12.

‘Now they [Russian occupiers] do not risk to approach and reduce the distance to work off on the city [Kharkiv],’ stated the message.’

Nemichev added that air defence forces are now ‘hunting’ the planes that are bombing Kharkiv with smart bombs. Because of this, he said, Russian munitions only reach ‘up to the ring road’.

‘But there are still casualties, so it would be good to shoot down one or two planes,’ the military officer wrote.

On June 3, OSINT analysts reported that the Ukrainian Defence Forces had hit a Russian S-300/400 SAM system in Belgorod Region. They also speculated that the strike could have been carried out by a US HIMARS missile launcher. Later, Radio Svaboda presented satellite images showing the damaged S-300/400 in Belhorod Region.

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