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Poland Introduces Buffer Zone On Border With Belarus

Poland Introduces Buffer Zone On Border With Belarus

The order of the head of the Polish Interior Ministry came into force at midnight today.

A buffer zone has appeared again on the border between Poland and Belarus. On June 13, at 00.00, an order signed by the head of the Interior Minister of Poland, Tomasz Siemoniak, came into force, introducing a temporary ban on staying on the border with Belarus.

The ban covers a section of more than 60 kilometres along the border. In a section of 44 kilometres, the ban applies at a distance of 200 metres from the border line, while in a section of 16 kilometres - about two kilometres from the border.

The ban on staying in the border area will be valid for 90 days with the possibility of extension.

As noted in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland, the area of the prohibited zone ‘does not include settlements and pedestrian routes, so that the consequences of the imposed restrictions were as little burdensome as possible for residents, tourists and other persons engaged in professional activities’.

We remind you that at the end of May, there were several attacks by illegal migrants against employees of the Polish Border Guard Service on the Polish-Belarusian border. A Polish soldier wounded by an illegal migrant died a few days later.

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