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Lithuanians Will Be Drafted Immediately After School

Lithuanians Will Be Drafted Immediately After School

The reform will come into force in 2026.

On Thursday, the Lithuanian Seimas approved a legislative package on conscription reform. According to the amendments, young people will have to perform military service immediately after school, as well as a medical examination - from the age of 17, writes delfi.

85 deputies voted for the bill, 3 were against, 14 abstained. Although last year the Ministry of Defence prepared a proposal providing alternative service options for university students, this idea was strongly opposed by the educational community and some youth organizations.

For this reason, the revised bill abandoned the idea of including current students in the draft list and decided to encourage young people immediately after graduation. They will be informed that they will be drafted into the army at the age of 17 during the medical examination.

After receiving the summons, they will not be able to enter higher educational institutions until they complete military service.

Future 17-year-olds will be screened as early as 2025, and in 2026, when the draft reform comes into force, they can already be included in the lists of conscripts.

Young people who will not be drafted into the army due to health problems will be able to enter higher education institutions.

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