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Drones Attack Morozovsk Military Airfield With Russian Su-34s, Su-24s

Drones Attack Morozovsk Military Airfield With Russian Su-34s, Su-24s

There were powerful explosions in Rostov region of the Russian Federation.

On Friday night, June 14, residents of Russia complained about explosions near the Morozovsk military airfield in Rostov region. They wrote in the network about an attack by unknown UAVs, Ukrainian media reported.

Russians reported that something was flying and buzzing towards the city and it was not shot down. Also the network published a photo of a fire at the airfield of the Russian occupation troops.

Explosions in the Morozovsk area were confirmed by the Ukrainian monitoring channels of Mykolaiv Vanek and Monitor. They wrote that Rostov region was allegedly attacked by drones.

Subsequently, Russian publicks reported that electricity was lost in the Morozovsky district after a massive drone attack. Governor Vasily Golubev said several settlements had fallen into the blackout zone. According to his preliminary information, there are no casualties.

Meanwhile, Russians report that AFU drones also attacked Kursk and Voronezh regions of the Russian Federation. As a result, several fuel tanks at an oil refinery in Liski district of Voronezh region were damaged.

As is known, the 559th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment of the Russian Federation is based at the Morozovsk airfield. According to preliminary information, Su-34, Su-24 and Su-24M aircraft are based there.

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