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Explosion Heard In Kyiv During Air Alert

Explosion Heard In Kyiv During Air Alert

The cause could be an aeroballistic Kinzhal missile.

There has been an explosion in Kyiv. Presumably the air defence forces shot down a high-speed target in Kyiv region.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to its own correspondent.

"An explosion has been heard in Kyiv, probably outside the city," stated the message.

We remind you, about 6:00 a second air alert was announced in Kyiv throughout Ukraine because of the takeoff of a MiG-31 fighter jet.

Later in the Air forces reported about the high-speed target, which moved in the direction of Kyiv region. The military assumed it was a Kinzhal aeroballistic missile.

Night Shelling of Ukraine

In the evening of June 13, an air alert was declared in several regions of Ukraine due to the launch of Shahed-type attack drones by the Russians.

Later it became known about the take-off of Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers from the Olenya airbase in Murmansk Region.

Around 3:00, a large-scale air alert was declared in Ukraine due to the launch of cruise missiles from enemy bombers.

Most of the missiles, as well as Shahed drones, attacked Starokonstantiniv in Khmelnytsky Region.

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