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Politico: Lukashenka Secretly Supplies Weapons To Azerbaijan In Conflict With Armenia

Politico: Lukashenka Secretly Supplies Weapons To Azerbaijan In Conflict With Armenia

The newspaper has obtained documented evidence.

Belarus was supplying modern weapons to Azerbaijan in its conflict with Armenia, despite the fact that both countries - Armenia and Belarus - are members of the CSTO and are formally allies.

Politico has obtained documents confirming the facts of arms deliveries.

"The decision by Belarus - a faithful ally of Russia - to supply modern military equipment to Azerbaijan between 2018 and 2022, giving it an advantage in a series of wars with its long-time rival, will be seen by Armenia as a bitter betrayal," the publication writes.

Secret documents obtained by Politico prove that Belarus was actively assisting Azerbaijan's armed forces between 2018 and 2022, when tensions with Armenia were at their peak.

The offered services included "modernisation of outdated artillery equipment and supply of new equipment used for electronic warfare and drone systems".

"The documents include letters from the Belarusian state arms export agency to its military-industrial firms regarding orders for the latest artillery targeting equipment for Azerbaijan, as well as correspondence between the two states in which the parties agree on purchasing Groza-S mobile combat stations to combat drones for the Azerbaijani armed forces," Politico writes.

The publication believes that Armenia's withdrawal from the CSTO is "a dramatic turn that will weaken Russian President Vladimir Putin's authority in relations with the former Soviet republics".

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